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Medical Education

Asopa Hospital & Research Centre welcomes visiting international medical students into the elective program. We offer electives in General Surgery, Internal Medicine & OB/GYN.


Applicants must be in good academic standing at their home school, must have their school’s approval to participate in the desired elective.


International Medical Students are advised to see their own Doctors at home and to seek their advice before coming to India, regarding getting vaccinations against communicable diseases that they must protect themselves from, including prophylaxis for malaria.


All international medical students coming to Asopa Hospital & Research Centre are advised to have Medical Insurance coverage to take care of the expenditure incurred in treatment, in case the student becomes ill . during the elective period.


The cost of three week rotation is US$ 1,800 including accommodation in the hospital campus and meals


For further information, Please contact:

Jyoti Asopa MD, MACP, MACC, Associate MRCP (London & Edinburg)

Director, Medical Education, Asopa Hospital & Research Centre, Agra 282007 UP India


Fax: +91-562-2602186